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Moving words indeed

My mom sent this on to me, it was written by the pastor at her church, Faith Presbyterian in Cape Coral.  I found it moving and hope you do too.

Enough is Enough
Is it possible

to support a political candidate without demonizing the opposition?
to live through a political campaign and not become polarized by the ‘red-blue’
mentality that threatens to destroy our nation?
to believe that both political parties love their country and have put forward
men for the office of President?
to become part of the solution rather than our ever widening divisions?

I respect both Barak Obama and John McCain.
My admiration and respect for Senator McCain is immeasurable. I often wonder if
I had been a prisoner of war as he was, if I would have shown the courage and
that he did. The answer is no; I am not made of the stuff.  Senator McCain is an
American hero. His party is proud to nominate him to lead our nation.
In the same way, but for very different reasons, I admire and respect Senator
Only in America could a man of such humble origins become editor of the Law
at the most prestigious law school in the land.   And to his credit, rather than
choosing to ‘cash-in’ by working on Wall Street, he chose to help the
in Chicago. I think the 200,000+ people who heard him speak in Germany realized
that they were listening to the embodiment of the American Dream.
I am wondering, is it possible

* to recognize the gifts of both men and to celebrate their accomplishments?
* to honor God and follow the Ten Commandments and NOT bear false witness
others (the innuendos, even outright lies, that I read on the Internet about all
of the political candidates should shame the people who send them and the
who pass them on.)
* to believe that Christians can step forward and say “enough!”  Enough
vulgarity . . .  we demand a kinder and gentler America.

Christians remember your calling – we have been given the ministry of
That’s what I believe. What do you believe?

In Faith,
Your Pastor and Friend

Faith Ponderings …”