All is well

All is well...

After listing all but 1 thing today, guess what I found?!  I’m totally breathing a sigh of relief and all is well at Porto Vista today…thanks for your cards, letters and notes of concern…


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have lost my favorite Bra.

This is how much area I have to actually lose something in.

OK, so I have completely lost my favorite bra.  I’m including my floorplan so you can see how little square footage there is to lose something in.  How hard can this be?

I was wearing it, I took it off and *Poof*  it’s gone.  I’m presently scrubbing, organizing and basically going over every square inch of the above mentioned floorplan to find it.  It was my favorite.  My life could be unpleasantly altered forever because of this loss.

2 of these eggs have been replaced

I’m not even kidding, 2 of these deviled eggs (is that how you spell that?) are made of white chocolate. My floral clerk at work made them. The Iron Chef made her own fabulous version that I fully intend to have for breakfast tomorrow.



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Easter dinner with the Fulton/Van Duzer family. With both Annies. Annie the dog and Annie, Hanna’s friend from Arkansas. Hanna’s in the black, as is canine Annie (the fuzzy one on the floor). Human Annie is in pink. The guy with the Guinness Extra Stout is the father of my amazing children and the lovely lady to my left is my mom. We had corned beef and cabbage for Easter. It’s a long story.

She’s completely lost her marbles

To those of you that know Hanna, this will come as no surprise. To those of you who don’t, she makes things. Someday she will invent something that changes the world. Until then, she makes things like this marble slide into her shoe. And yes Bailey, she cleaned everything up when she was done.

Weezy Please!


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Fair warning

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