I just don’t understand men…

I recently said this to a guy a know and got this response today, so classic I had to post it, hopefully with his permission.  I’ve deleted the name of his wife, so he doesn’t get in trouble, not that she read this, but just in case.  Men really are an enigma, at least I thought so.  I’ve heard men say before they’re just simple and women try to read too much into them, and this email makes me think I should believe just that.  And I quote

“Hey Sally,

Hope you’re feeling good.

Actually Men are easy to understand, it’s the woman’s complex emotional mind that tries to over analyzes them.

Men are just not complicated. We can only process on thing at a time and it takes awhile to do that, sorta like an Ameba.

So giving verbal directions of 3 things for a man to do is an overload.

Men are only good for breeding, hunting, building a home, protection, fixing things, and lifting heavy objects, Well, real men are.
That’s what they were created for by nature, the rest is modern bullshit. So all the real men are dying off and sissy’s like jew lawyers with money are taking their places in breeding, which will end up being to extinction of humans. The healthy and strong, need to breed with the healthy and strong. That’s how other animals have survived for hundreds of millions of years, but humans are so weak and sickly, that there is no hope for use. Women go for the guy with the most money, which turns out to be the weakest males, control freaks, ego emo’s. Then there are the non-men that actually hurt women and children.
It I were leader of this country, those guys would be taken out back and shot, or stoned to death, impaled, no trial. A man’s main job is to protect women and children.

It’s like when “wife’s name omitted” tells me to fix the sink, I do it right then, cause I’ll forget in 5 minutes. She says that it doesn’t have to be done right then, wanna bet.
Then she starts telling me a half dozen other things, and since my mind can’t process all that info like it use to when I was younger and had a brain sharp as a razor and it was like a massive hard drive, My mind just has a melt down and didn’t hear a single word she said. Then comes back later and bitches that I didn’t do something.

So when you’re having a deep conversation with a man trying to make him see your wants and needs, you may as well be talking to a bowling pin.
One thing at a time, and it may need repeated. Once it attaches itself to his pea brain. then you can work on the next item.

If you just keep trying to feed a shit load of info into our brains, it shuts down for good and nothing else you say gets in, forever, never again. Once this damage is done, then they get another woman before the brain intake starts to work again. Then that woman will overload him, and then he’s on to the next. Sometimes if he can’t find another one, or that on is busy, he will force himself to revisit an old one. That’s why that magic spark seems to be gone and they appear mean and cold.
They are angry that they are forced to deal with a throw away.

Besides that, we’re useless. The only difference between us and apes, is that we can sorta speak, and are almost potty trained.
Male apes do what they were meant to do, which puts them above human males”


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