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OK, I want to make it very clear that I really don’t like sports, OK? But, for some reason going to baseball games or playing or watching golf is OK. Why? Because, I think, they’re not mean games. The players, for the most part, aren’t trying to kill anyone. There’s no kicking, tackling, punching, just smacking the cr*p out of a ball. Tonight, I was thinking how cool it probably felt for the Huskies to be out there playing the World Champion Red Sox. What a rush. I would imagine. Like me playing golf with Tiger. I’d be so nervous, trying to just hit one awesome drive. I like the exhibition games because it really doesn’t matter who wins and who loses. The Huskies don’t expect to win. The Red Sox aren’t going to let them win just because they’re college kids and it would be nice. Cause it really wouldn’t be that nice, the Huskies would feel stupid if the Red Sox just let them win. So, it’s just for the fun of it. Which is what I like about sports. After all, it’s a game. And games are supposed to be fun. Except Candyland with Jesus, which is just weird. Ask Hanna.


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